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Boston Sushi Who makes to best Boston sushi? Ask around, and you're sure to hear our name mentioned again and again. Samurai Boston provides an intimate setting and some of the finest sushi in town. Don't forget to try a tasty beverage from the bar. Open every night 'til at least midnight.

What have you heard about Boston sushi? If someone told you that it's all about slimy raw fish, forget it. For one thing, not all sushi contains raw fish. For another thing, raw fish, when perfectly prepared, is not at all slimy. In fact, fresh raw sashimi (the Japanese word for thinly sliced raw meat) is quite delicate with a lovely ocean flavor. When paired with a dab of wasabi, raw fish is actually a scrumptious treat. Then again, it's not for everyone. That's fine with us. At Samurai Boston, sushi is made to order, with or without any sort of uncooked topping. If you've never tried sushi before, go with something easy for westerners to understand, like a simple California Roll. Avocado and carrot are the main flavors of this vinegared rice delicacy. Try it once, and you're sure to try it again.

Not only does Samurai serve the best selection of Boston sushi, we are also pleased to present a remarkably tasty Asian inspired menu for lunch and dinner in Back Bay Boston. Our menu is extensive but not hard to understand. At Samurai Boston, you can dine in or take out an assortment of Asian specialties including Teriyaki, Tempura and the freshest Sushi in town. Can't get away for lunch? Download our online menu, then give us a call. We deliver all around the greater Boston area. Be sure to tell the folks you work with that you'll be ordering Boston sushi and they may want to order some, too. 617.236.7672 Boston Sushi
Samurai Boston
(617) 236-7672
827 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116

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