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Sushi Boston When was the last time you enjoyed an evening at a great sushi bar? Sushi Boston is not hard to locate, if you know where to find Samurai Boston. At Samurai Boston you may enjoy a remarkable selection of handmade sushi. We also serve one-of-a-kind cocktails and more than ten kinds of authentic sake.

Do you for some reason think that sushi Boston is all about raw fish? It's a common American misconception, yet entirely erroneous. In reality, thinly sliced raw fish or meat is called sashimi and it's actually quite a tasty delicacy. If you've never tried sushi Boston, please do. Classic sushi begins with a base of cooked rice and rice vinegar. It's made rather sticky, so it will hold its rolled or molded shape. Many kinds of sushi are rolled in leaves of nori, which is a super nutritious vegetable from the sea. Seaweed is packed with natural iodide and other beneficial minerals. It's not at all fishy, so please don't be nervous about giving it a try.

American table manners dictate that most foods not be handled with bare fingers. Japanese sushi is an exception to this rule. It is perfectly acceptable and even expected that a diner at Samurai Boston will pick up a piece of sushi with their fingers. If you like it hot and spicy, place a dab of wasabi paste atop the sushi roll prior to putting the whole thing in your mouth. If you choose to dip your sushi into shoyu (soy sauce), dip the topping portion, so the sushi does not lose its form. Of course, if you are typically American, you may opt to munch your sushi with a fork. It's not the classic way of eating sushi Boston, but it's alright. As long as you're willing to give this tasty Asian treat a try, it's all good.
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