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Sushi Restaurants Boston There are a few different sushi restaurants in Boston. None of them offer the remarkably original food and drink menu options you can find at Samurai Boston restaurant. Our chefs and bartenders are quite creative in the art of dreaming up tasty foods and refreshing beverages. For reservations or to order take-out, call 617.236.7672.

How many sushi restaurants Boston can you name, right off the top of your head? If you're like most Bostonians, you drew a blank when we asked you that question. We can tell you this right now-- if you come enjoy a nice Japanese meal at Samurai Boston, you won't ever forget it. In fact, it may become your number one favorite among all sushi restaurants. Boston is a great place to live and it's even nicer when you've had a great meal that doesn't weight you down. Asian food is varied, but most Japanese meals are light and flavorful, so they don't make you feel as if you need a nap shortly after dining. Eat a big steak and potatoes lunch in the middle of the workday, and you may find yourself dozing off at your desk within an hour.

Even if you think you'd never like sushi, come try some anyway. If you're thinking that sushi restaurants Boston serve nothing but raw fish, do think again. Sushi doesn't necessarily contain any fish at all, raw, cooked or otherwise. Many Americans confuse sushi with sashimi, which actually is raw meat or fish, thinly sliced. Sushi restaurants Boston serve traditional sushi which is made with rice and rice vinegar and your choice of toppings. If you've never tried it before, ask your server or the master sushi chef for recommendations. Print out and peruse our pdf online menu, then come on in or give us a call to place your order for Boston delivery. Sushi Restaurants Boston
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Sushi Restaurants Boston Sushi Restaurants Boston